UA-92533382-1 What to eat in Morioka: よつば農場便り

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2019年3月24日 (日)

What to eat in Morioka

Morioka City is located in north east district of Honshu island.  It has a local government office of Iwate Prefecture. Populated with 300 thousand people, it is a beautiful city, a clean river named Nakatu River flowing thorugh the center of the city.

Historically, local people have loved noodle.  Vistors to Morioka City is recommended eating a variety of local noodles.

Reimen is one of the famous local foods here in Morioka.  The diner named "Shokudouen", which is located in the center of the city, offer delicious Reimen.


"Shokudouen" also offer delicious "Yakiniku", barbecue.


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« 『千年の愉楽』 中上健次 | トップページ | Where to go in Hachinohe »