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2019年1月10日 (木)

Yamadera in winter



This beautiful picture was taken at Yamadera in Yamagata Prefecture. This is a quiet, sacred Buddhist temple build at the top of a mountain.  Climbing over one thousand steps from the foot of the mountain,  you can see the ground view.  But don't forget this is a religious place.  Pray to Buddha for the peace of the world and your own mind at the temple, and never interrupt with meditation of Buddhist monks.


How to go there:  From Tokyo, take a bullet train to Sendai. At Sendai, change trains. Take JR Senza line and stop Yamadera Station. (It will take about one hour from Sendai to Yamadera). From Yamadera Station, you can walk up the steps.


What to eat: Soba(Japanese noodle) is very famous in Yamagata Prefecture.  Around Yamadera Temple, there are several restaurants which serve Soba. Mitoya is one of the best restaurants where you can enjoy good Soba.


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